Artists:聽Sk贸ll & Simone Bauer


Label: Accents Records ( ^^^ )

Format: Cassette C60, Split EP, Ltd.

Release date: June 13th, 2018


Founded in 2015 by Sub-Accent聽aka Johan Bonnefoy, Accents Records has been constantly releasing forward-thinking ambient, experimental and techno music. The french record label aims to offer a free space of experimentation to its guests, and to create new connections and bridges by inviting them to share the releases.

For the next ACCENTAPE, they choose to gather two highly talented emerging artists on a brilliant ambient deep techno split cassette, which comes with a beautiful cover painted by the label boss himself.


Sk贸ll – I

Even though Sk贸ll has started to produce only a couple of years ago, the Stockholm-based artist has already made a huge step in his musical path. Using mainly modular and hardware to compose his music, he has developed a unique take on ethereal, ambient techno sounds.

We selected for you the very first track from the tape called I, a dreamy and pure journey which makes us travel somewhere between water and sky.


Simone Bauer – Ambra

Following with more tribalistic and pulsating sounds, Simone Bauer perfectly completes the release. From his paradisiac nest of nature where he lives 鈥 in the center of Italy 鈥 the artist is always producing well-crafted organic music.

Ambra is no exception:聽the 7 minutes deep techno track impresses through its detailed atmosphere, sounding like the soundtrack of a forest ritual.


ACCENTAPE005 will be out next Wednesday (June 13th, 2018). You can already pre-order the release through the label’s Bandcamp.