Artist: Xylème

Release: The Zanskar Experience

Label: Ōtium

Format: Cassette, Album, Ltd.

Release date: 15 May 2018


From the ancient forests of Australia to the abyssal plain of the deep sea, Xylème – also known as 9beats – is a project mainly inspired by environment and earth observation. Through texture and ambient research, it tries to transmit the beauty & complexity of nature.

Deeply inspired by the artist’s trip to Himalaya, The Zanskar Experience is an 8-tracks journey that coherently settle an ambient atmosphere through subtle techno rhythms.

It has been tough work to pick only one track among these qualitative and highly-connected productions. Monument finally chose to introduce you Mind Power, a gentle yet powerful track which combines organic ambient pads with a deliciously measured groove.


Limited press of 25 numbered tapes & booklets, out May 15th exclusively via Bandcamp.