Hector Sandoval releases his debut album as Tensal with the legendary Soma Records on May 25h.

For him, the Graphical LP is a walk-through of the musical landscapes that he finds most interesting right now – from IDM and experimental sounds growing towards big-floor techno. The artist describes the LP as a sincere exercise of retrospective, a look at the musical panorama that is currently surrounding him.

Monument discussed further about the coming release, collaborations and even some surprising facts with the busy and productive artist.

Graphical LP is released under Soma Records. Why with Soma, why not with your own label Tensal?

Tensal Records is a label oriented to the dance floor, I have edited other double albums in the past, but they were composed exclusively by DJ tools. For Graphical, I was looking for a broader approach that Soma without doubt has.

Also, I thought it was the moment to give more diffusion to my work, and Soma is one of the biggest and most respectful labels for many reasons, both content and historical. We were working together during the past year in good harmony, and thought … let’s do it, why not?

Tell us about your work process when making this album.

It has really been very simple. The recording process lasted about three months, I usually work very fast because I think it’s the best way to capture the freshness of the tracks.

I started recording many pieces of hardware that I later edited on my computer to add plugins and finish the mix. I always like to travel to analog and digital worlds, and I think each one has its advantages. I try to take full advantage of the two.

IDM seems to be a style many artists have growingly adapted on their productions. How does Graphical balance between IDM and techno?

For me it is a very familiar style, because I have been working under an IDM alias Komatssu for over 15 years. I have done many installations and projects in the past in Spain, also several live sets in different festivals.

Actually, there has always been a great IDM influence in my productions like Exium, especially at the beginning with all those breaks, so it has been a natural step to mix this style with the speech of Tensal because the term IDM encompasses many things.

How has Tensal developed as an artist when comparing your first EP and this LP?

It is a natural transition, I have been making music for many years and I have always evolved all my projects, electronic music is that, pure evolution that always depends on two things only – society and technology.

What is Tensal’s plan for the future? 

After the LP, a maxi will arrive with remixes. I am also working on some collaborations with Cassegrain, P.E.A.RL and Cleric.

There will be two albums by several artists in which I will participate with a track and by the end of the year I will edit a full EP with another example of one of the best labels of the moment – it is still a secret.

For the next year I will start another electronic music project with my great friend and an artist known by all. It will be more focused on ambient, glitch and IDM styles.

Is there something in the field of techno that has caught your attention recently?

I am struck by the level of acceptance that is currently towards techno, the talent of some young people, and how good the sound equipment of some clubs is today.

Unfortunately, it also surprises me how fast some DJs go up without doing anything.

You are the other half of Exium. How is it going? 

Exium is there, was and will be, we just released an EP of remixes of our classic Expect Nothing with Regis, Oscar Mulero and Reeko. We are also recording a couple of EP’s by the end of the year, and we’ve been very busy recording the 50th Polegroup release together with the guys. It will be called Natural Selection and I assure you that it will be a real bombshell.

Could you recommend festivals or venues that everyone should visit?

There will be good gigs next months but Lev festival in Asturias at the end of April is one of my favorite festivals. It is oriented to the audiovisual world and takes place in beautiful places in Gijon, my city. I usually organise the closing party, this year I will be playing with Convextion.

I am also looking forward to going to the 7001 festival in Freudenberg in Berlin.

What no one knows about Tensal?

I hate pears and I love Crazy in Love by Beyonce.