Diarmaid O Meara is back again with his third solo release this year, HAVEN. Monument is streaming the full album until its release on 30/4/18. 

O Meara’s techno is gradually getting more mature compared with his debut IN YOUR HEAD from 2016. Although Diarmaid draws from techno’s current sound and direction, Haven is somewhat unique. Behind this originality is hard work. O Meara ventured out into underground spaces and empty clubs to record samples. He then fed the samples through sequencers and added in synth lines from his modular eurorack. A lot of the sounds that make up Haven will not have been heard on any other record.

Haven cuts away so many frills of modern techno. It escapes the gravity of pre-made samples and makes something crude but raw. The industrial samples make Haven an interesting revision of early techno.

Haven is releasing on Gobsmacked Records