With combined careers of over 30 years, you’d be hard pushed to find a duo with more experience and accolades than Dustin Zahn and Joel Mull.

After cutting his teeth as a DJ and producer in the American mid-west, which is no mean feat, Zahn moved to Berlin and and soon found himself playing at some of the biggest clubs in the city, as well as being a regular across the continent. With a number of releases across a range of labels, Dustin Zahn has proved himself time and time again and is one of the most consistent producers on the scene today.

Joel Mull, on the other hand, has been a true mainstay of European techno since 1994. As one of the proponents of the ‘Swedish sound’ from the 90s and early 2000s, he was notorious for his particular brand of high-octane, loopy techno that was tough and raw but also devastatingly danceable. Since 2000 Mull has also been involved with running Parabel, a collective that acts as a both a popular record label and booking agency with a roster of impressive names.

With such a rich history between the pair, a collaboration between them is always sure to turn heads. Teaming up for their first release in 8 years, Way of the Wild is a deep and immersive collection that fuses each producer’s strongest qualities. Taking inspiration from the wilderness. the EP delivers a truly fluid and hypnotic experience.

Check out the release on hardwax

Artwork by Alex Slagter.