Listen to Past Eroticism and Mirai (Abundant) from Saisho.

The point of view that A. Brehme’s music brings to techno is phantasmal. Although he notoriously crosses genres, Saisho is evidently techno. Limited to 200 vinyl copies, it marks the start of the Sonata Forma imprint.

A. Brehme released his debut EP last year on Form and Function. Since then, Saisho takes more risks. His structure has branched out, become more irregular.

Past Eroticism has a strong sensitivity. The dub and ambient components provide a sense of humanness. Delays are executed precisely.

Listen to A. Brehme’s premiere with Monument from his 2017 debut

Mirai (Abundant) starts off weaving its percussion. Until the canyon of ambience in the middle of the track. It works like a reverse break and gives the track its uncanny feeling of pressure.


A1 / 1. Saisho (Distinct)
A2 / 2. Past Erotcism
B1 / 3. Mirai (Abundant)
B2 / 4. Saigo
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