This April, Pleasure Instruments puts techno and leather side by side.

Concerns Music is a Spanish label run by Kalter Ende, a techno artist who’s used the label to release his own flavour of sharp, intelligent techno. The label has released some EPs to success so far, including Kalter Ende’s own. Concerns Music is characteristically metallic. It is even at times, understated. The label’s upcoming first full length sees his name alongside Developer, Stanislav Tolkachev and more contemporary techno heavyweights.

Dance-oriented, cutting, and technically precise techno music

Pleasure Instruments is made up of 8 tracks, each named after provocative clothes and objects.

This LP doesn’t shy away from current techno cliches. They’re here in all their glorious strength. But they’re used how they’re meant to be. You have to be powerful and daring to pull off the dark sexual themes of this album. Moreover,  you could not play this just anywhere. It does raise the question, have you ever touched a Leather Corset? Have you ever been near a Silicone Harness?

If Tom of Finland did techno, it would sound like this.

Surprisingly, the music retains its physicality and and carnality aside its technical precision.  Every sound is in its place. It’s grid-like techno. However, it remains infectious. Arguably, that’s the most important aspect when producing BDSM inspired techno. If Tom of Finland did techno, it would sound like this.

The three tracks not to miss from this release are Dinamite – Necklace with Chain, Christian Wünsch – Handcuffs and Vertical Spectrum’s viscous track Latex Gloves.

Listen to Developer’s contribution to Pleasure Instruments below the cut.


A1 / 1. Christian Wünsch – Handcuffs
A2 / 2. Datura Dilema – Silicone Harness
B1 / 3. Developer – Leather Corset
B2 / 4. Dinamite – Necklace With Chain
C1 / 5. Kalter Ende – Pressure Clamp
C2 / 6. Stanislav Tolkachev – Leather Mask
D1 / 7. Unkle Fon – Punishment Whip
D2 / 8. Vertical Spectrum – Latex Gloves

Concerns Music releases so far are on their Bandcamp