Kill Ref Low Frequencies are putting in an enormous techno entry in the form of a 24-track compilation album released in 3 parts. Stream the labelhead’s killer techno mix of the CD album in full, exclusively for Monument.

Kill Ref is aiming to start something brand new with this mega-release. This extensive set of techno floor-fillers, named Saturn Phases, is split into 3 parts of 8 tracks each. Across March, the release starts with the first issue on the 12th, followed by the 19th and 26th. Monument is now streaming Kill Ref’s own limited edition CD mix of the tracks:

Saturn Phases marks the label’s birthday. This is effectively KR/LF Records’ chance to make a big statement.  Levels of sheer aggression are here, only reigned in by the level of precision. This is not your ordinary techno by any means. When Italian underground techno artist Kill Ref invented the label, it was to share a love of variety. Heterogeneity is undeniably present, but it doesn’t compromise unity.  Techno could learn a lot from this compilation. A sense of assuredness varnishes every transition on Kill Ref’s mix CD.

Stream Italian techno DJ Viels’ exclusive mix for Monument

So far, this is only the fourth release on KR/LF. In terms of breaking new ground, there’s a lot of artists in this pack that will be fan-favourites in the next few years. Watch out for our interview with Kill Ref closer to the time of release. 


01. Unidentified Flyng Poetry – “Prepare Us for Space” [A1, Part 1]
02. Gotshell – “Iniridia” [A1, Part 2]
03. Jokasti & Nek – “I thought It Was Water” [A2, Part 3]
04. In Bad Hands – “All We Had” [A3, Part 3]
05. Patrik Skoog – “Rodinia” [B1, Part 2]
06. Oliver Deutschmann – “19” [A2, Part 1]
07. Ben Gibson – “Infiltration” [A3, Part 1]
08. Progression (UK) – “Everyone Drops A Clanger” [A2, Part 2]
09. Jokasti & Nek – “Sinusoid” [A4, Part 1]
10. Coefficient – “Euler Transform” [B3, Part 2]
11. Oliver Rosemann – “Gumption” [A4, Part 2]
12. Dez Williams – “Kermitronikum” [B1, Part 3]
13. The Noisemaker – “Smell” [A1, Part 3]
14. Binny – “Search” [B3, Part 3]
15. In Bad Hands – “Be Yourself” [B2, Part 1]
16. Endlec – “Touch Of Evil” [B1, Part 1]
17. DJ-309 – “Defend His Thouths” [A4, Part 3]
18. Under Black Helmet – “Perpetrate” [B3, Part 1]
19. Housemeister – “Voices” [B2, Part 3]
20. Chris Moss Acid – “Melter” [B4, Part 3]
21. Dez Williams – “Sustaining Self” [B4, Part 1]
22. Endlec – “Path Of The Brave” [B2, Part 2]
23. DJ-309- “Infatuation” [B4, Part 2]
24. Swarm Intelligence – “Seak” [A3, Part 2]