Uun is no stranger to Monument, as he contributed to our podcast series a few years ago with entry #42. He has been busy since then, releasing on a handful of labels and taking his Live PA around the United States. In 2016 he launched Ego Death, an imprint that focuses on his own productions. Although the label is young, it has already garnered support from industry leaders such as Silent Servant, Bas Mooy, Truncate, Henning Baer, Drumcell, Etapp Kyle, Marcell Dettman, and many more. Now he returns to our weekly techno premiere slot, with the track Absurd Existence:

Ego Death is now coming up on it’s fourth entry, which will be out on vinyl on January 22nd. It was mastered by Daniele at Dadub Studio in Berlin and features a cover photograph by Jeremy Cranfill that perfectly captures the mood of the EP. 

The A side of the release is the logical extension of the previous 3 Ego Death records, with it’s focus on dense percussion, huge kicks, and variance between broken beat and four on the floor. The B side, however, focuses on Uun’s growing interest in atmospheric and ethereal sounds while still being aimed at the dancefloor.

The track we chose to premier today closed out the EP and is titled Absurd Existence. We were drawn to it’s unique mix of textures, melody, and atmosphere. The track has relatively simple percussion, which draws ones interest into the mood of the track rather than any specific element. The track ends the release an a high note and has us looking forward to whatever Uun does next.


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