Brothers Black are to return to the family label, Voxnox Records, late this year. They’re coming up with six-track vinyl and digital release. They’ve been kind enough to drop us a mini mix for you to mark the release.

Voxnox Records is a particularly stylish label. The music they release is smooth and their merch is on-trend and understated. For all the techno labels in Berlin, Germany (too many to name), Voxnox manages to stand out with it’s own small but individual take. Judging from the remix appearances on this EP alone, Voxnox Records have done well to gain traction in the scene. They are still a Berlin label to the core – the sound is as distinct to the city as ever (and their Instagram is smattered with shots of Tresor and around the city).

Another Voxnox artist, Sept, did the 101st mix for Monument a whole year ago. Here it is below so you can binge on techno.


The physical release will be 3 discs. The Marianas Remix is the track to look out for when it’s available. Here’s what it is looking like for each side:

A1// The duo kick off the release with the title track ‘Marianas’, a subaquatic track with a pulsating resonant bass.

A2// Voxnox welcome Delsin records mainstays Artefakt. The duo have taken the original ‘Marianas’ and built on the foundations to create atrip over a complex groove.

B1// Pulling Teeth is a stomping club track that combines a singular looping lead with delicate, sparkling analog highs.

B2// Voxnox welcomes Invite of Invite’s Choice to the family. The veteran Dutch producer and DJ takes the original Pulling Teeth to transform it into an exceptional, relentless club track.

C1// The third original Step Back from the Brothers sees them team up with UK poet James Messiah. Drawing heavily on their UK sound influences the two deliver a fresh dubstep-influenced techno track with James’ unique flow as the centrepiece.

C2 // The final original, Inescapable, showcases an ambient edge to the Brothers’ productions.