The end of 2017 is now a beginning of something that used to exist. Cockheart Club aims to bring pure, hedonistic pleasure back to Oslo. Showing you the old path of underground raves and individual expression through pounding techno. A culture of dressing up (or is it down?), dancing and acceptance.

Cockheart, born in East London, is more than a streetwear brand. Breathing the philosophy of “provoke, but never offend”, they want to provide a safe space for everyone, however they identify themselves. Inviting you to fuck things up (just the way you are), but to do it without judgement or negativity. 

While mainly known in London, they have grown substantially and now have a following all over the world. More than a brand, Cockheart has created a community, what they call the Cockheart family, a diaspora of kindred spirits seeking transcendence in freedom. “We get our highs from occupying a dancefloor, as our unapologetic, authentic selves. With the same validity as each other.” Always welcoming one and all to come and find relief from the daily grind, the alienation, and step into a space where they can shake off the week’s bullshit and leave it behind.Cockheart techno party

Cockheart´s vision of combining the buzz and hum of a house party with the heft and weight of a traditional club space is heavily inspired by HTBX and the underground queer rave they’ve created in London: “Individualism is in extinction, so we ask people to bring their personality and not to think too mainstream.” “Together with HTBX we aim to further build this haven in the rave scene, moving collaboratively towards a future where we can stand united.” This kind of forward thinking ideology, this cohesive vision, is what sets Cockheart apart.

Now Cockheart is coming back to Norway, where most of the brand’s owners originally hail from, looking for a way to challenge societies rules. On the 24th of November, Cockheart Club will be launched at The Villa Dancing in Oslo. 

For the occasion they’re bringing one of Hard Techno’s most discerning heavyweights, Perc, to pulverize the main room with charged, muscular rhythms. This booking underlines their statement, and we look forward to a night of freedom and dancing here in Oslo.

For more information, check out their facebook eventTechno party