Brussels based artist A. Brehme, who recorded a podcast for Monument back in 2016, will soon release his debut EP on rising Belgian imprint Form and Function. He’s been making a name for himself as a regular at Fuse Club Brussels’s deeper nights, and as co-resident at Technoon with Peter Van Hoesen.

After years of silent but devoted work in the studio, A. Brehme emerges triumphant with four powerful cuts that perfectly reflect the sound and mindset that built his reputation. The premiere track “Intiyat” is a slow-progressing and hypnotic affair, with a myriad of subtle elements that lead you on a sonic voyage. Subliminal voices are manipulated and mixed in with heady rotations of snares and hats. The result: an immensely spiritual and uplifting track:

The track shows a promising artist that is able to put forth a statement of quality techno with the first EP. “Intiyat” is a rare in that it has its place at any given moment during a night, and is already on heavy rotation for the likes of Luigi Tozzi, Etapp Kyle, Ryan James Ford, Jonas Kopp, Slam and Johannes Volk.

Enjoy this weeks premiere, and dont forget to check out our last podcast featuring Molekul