Since 2006, the Deep Heet series of recordings has shown the public a distinct side of production from Planetary Assault Systems. With a unique engine room ambience and a focus upon maintaining a continual surge of pure energy, each volume in the Deep Heet collection has lived up to its title; subtly suggesting the kind of sustained and voluntary temperature rise that has traditionally led to spiritual or visionary experiences.

Listen while reading: Luke Slater just uploaded a full track of the EP, ‘Random Kingdom’ 

It’s only appropriate then, that the 50th overall release on Mote-Evolver is also the fourth overall volume of Deep Heet. In keeping with Luke Slater’s recent vanguard self-assessments like the “Planetary Funk” anniversary series, Deep Heet Vol. 4 is at once a summary of past successes and another new evolution in style and content. The four highly concentrated cuts shows how effective Planetary Assault Systems can be at fuelling the imagination; he fuses together rhythmic and incidental elements into a unified, animated meshwork – all without a prominent melody. On the compelling track “Lazer Organical,” listeners will find themselves in the midst of a testing range where thick arcs of coherent plasma ricochet off the walls.

Deep Heet Vol. 4 also showcases Slater’s aptitude for choosing just the right moments to deviate from a steady groove: on the mesmerizing bubblebath of “Random Kingdom,” he allows listeners to sink into a rising sonic foam, before interjecting with sharp metallic hits. The leadoff track “Desert Races” proceeds in similar fashion, ensconcing the listener in a web of luminous sequencer,  before cutting in with fluctuations and distortions akin to a hypnotist’s suggestions after his patient has jerked back into consciousness. “Life Rhythm” on the other hand, is a total immersion session in which Slater’s presence recedes into the background, leaving listeners to imagine the overtones and sonic ephemera for themselves.

‘Deep Heet Vol. 4′ is scheduled to release on October 13th.