Listen to new techno from Ankurbln and Naty Seres. We’ve got an interview with the two founders of Atmophile Electronics – a new techno concept made up of 3 parts.

The label is fairly new – How do you have such big names like Mike Parker on this latest compilation?

Most of the artists are our personal friends, who we met through common friends or through our work in the booking agency business and through organizing Freqs of Nature Festival for the past 6 years. Its important to us to work with artists on a friendship base and keep the label within a community approach. Our main goal is to spread quality music selected by character and uniqueness rather than commercial reasons.

How did you come up with the idea for the trio of approaches within the label? What do you hope to achieve with this?

We love electronic music in most of it variations and through the three devisions we are able to host a more diverse spectrum of releases.

After this release what is the plan for the direction of the label?

We are already working on the next two releases. The second release will be on the LU•MI•NUS devision and will feature 2 melodic tracks of AnkurBln, the EP is dedicated to one of our scientific personal heroes. While the 3rd one will again be on the FUN•DA•MEN•TUM series, with a 4 Track 12”EP

How did the label showcase in May go? What is the atmosphere at one of your shows like?

The label showcase in the rather small venue OHM club turned out to be a cosy evening with great music of our local artists. But what actually represented the labels idea of an event was the Kreuz&Quer floor at our Freqs of Nature Festival this year, all the artists of the above mentioned debut release played there in an amazing decorated natural setting. We believe atmospheric music is best listened to in an open air situation where the sound can breath and unfold its true potential.

Where did the name Atmophile come from?

Atmophile is the love or affection towards the atmosphere which for us is one of the key elements we appreciate in electronic music. It also means to be attracted or drawn to the atmosphere and the space with in it.