Ukrainian Yan Cook has been making waves with his productions – dark, stormy, and slick dance-floor ready tracks – and his DJ sets – extensions of Cook’s studio work. Cook releases regularly on the labels Delsin Records and Planet Rhythm, also heading his own label, Cooked. Listen to an hour exclusively composed of Cook’s original productions, and enjoy the short Q/A beneath:

How did you record the mix?

I recorded this mix in the studio using Ableton and a controller.

Was there an idea or concept behind it?

Yes, like all of my podcasts, this mix contains only my own upcoming material, 

my goal was to make it lighter and interesting in the beginning, powerful and energetic in the middle and hypnotic towards the end, I hope I’ve achieved that.

What’s your favorite track that you’ve been dropping recently?

Lately I’m playing a track from my upcoming LP called “Spaz”, love playing it.

Tell us about some new things you’re working on right now.

Right now I’m working on a series of records and trying some collabs, also plan some interesting ideas for my label Cooked. For the new records I’m trying out new for me sub genres of Techno, something deeper, a bit slower and more melodic. And for Cooked for example I plan to invite other artist to the label as well.

Who are some artists you’re watching right now?

I’m following artists from the labels I’m working with, also love to listen to techno podcasts. A lot of great artists out there.


01. Comunica – 8bit Lullaby (Yan Cook Remix)
02. DJ Emerson – Anonymous (Yan Cook Remix)
03. Break Free
04. Pitch Black
05. March
06. Kingfisher
07. Graphite
08. Sharks
09. Roadblock
10. Golden Pheasant
11. Razor Sharp
12. Split
13. Flamingo
14. Perfect Mess

**All tracks produced by Yan Cook and unreleased as of July 2017**


Artwork: Hubert Solczynski