The relative new label NORITE is all about discovering and gathering different approaches on modern techno. They have now returned with their 10th release on the NORxxx series, with a split 4-tracker from two promising new talents: Tbilisi based Saphileaum and London-based Ymir. To present their release, they sent us a continuous mix consisting of all the tracks.

The up-and-coming Londoner Ymir has worked on developing a signature sound that fits perfectly into the label. With that, he starts off the EP with the track Esoteric. A resonating and reverberated synth strikes and feel like voices screaming in the background, while textures and sparse elements provide haunting visions.

Following up is Ymir’s Attic Salt which builds up on modulated drones and reverb-soaked bells creating an eerie atmosphere and keeping its drive thanks to an effective bass gimmick and high-pitched percs.

From there, Tbilisi talent Saphileaum takes over with two new tracks that delve further into his specific deep sound. Attalia (the ancient name of the now called city Antalya, on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey) is a melancholic journey through the old town streets. With lush pads, intricate rhythm and modulated acid line, it will guide you through the city at dawn.

This split EP ends with Scholomance, a driving and hypnotic track that is reminiscent of an ancient school of magic. Syncopated kicks, layers of filtered FM sounds and a trippy synth line are all it takes to separate your mind from your body.

With their shared love for deep and textured sound, these two gifted producers were bound to appear on the same release and we’re delighted to showcase their universe through the Separation Chapter.

Tracklist :
Ymir – Esoteric
Ymir – Attic Salt
Saphileaum – Attalia
Saphileaum – Scholomance