Hypnotic techno from Sardinia

The Gods Planet (TGP), composed of Italian techno mainstays Claudio PRC and Ness, is a perfect encapsulation of the modern Italian sound. Deep, emotional, and futuristic, you’re drawn in by lush atmospheres and grounded by a steady beat. The two bring their relatively diverse experiences to the plate. Ness, a sound engineering expert, has been going strong since the ‘90s, with releases on labels like M_Rec Ltd., Affin, and Prologue stamping his influence on the Italian scene. Claudio PRC, a dark & trippy techno connoisseur in the mold of his Italian peer Donato Dozzy, has more recently burst onto the scene with his grayscale and hi-tech work.

Their Monument podcast never strays far from what you’d expect from the duo. But that’s no downside, as they’ve presented us with an hour of fantastic hypnotic sounds to get lost in. The mix exclusively features artists from TGP’s own label, a consortium of artists with the same sensibilities as label owners Claudio and Ness. Starting off at a calm warm-up pace, the mix quickly builds momentum, with mesmerizing builds from Blazej Malinowski leading to peak-time bangers from Reggy van Oers.

While the pair doesn’t perform together very often, they’re known for their heads-down sets, stretching brief melodic moments into the horizon. Catch them next week at Griessmuehle in Berlin, and in June at Corsica Studios in London.

01_Claudio PRC – Part III – TGP Free Download
02_Claudio PRC – Typha – TGP Extra 001
03_Ness – Galaxy Bazaar – TGP 010
04_Iori – Arc – TGP Extra 002
05_The Gods Planet – In The Maze – TGP LP 002
06_Blazej Malinowski – III – TGP Extra 003
07_The Gods Planet – Steroids – TGP 003
08_Reggy van Oers – Tetra – TGP Extra 002
09_Ness – Hybrid Discovery – TGP 007
10_The Gods Planet – Glimpse – TGP LP 002
11_The Gods Planet – The Golden Age (Marcus Henriksson Interpretation) – TGP 008
12_Claudio PRC & UNC – CXXV – TGP Extra 003
13_The Gods Planet – New Dawn – TGP LP 002
14_The Gods Planet – Radio Universe (Svart1 Remix) – TGP 006


Image Credit: missionjuno