The third release of the vinyl only label Another Earth is upon us and it’s all about techno. Esther Duijn combines 2 acts together in a Split EP series which compliment each others sound. For this release Esther selected two notorious European techno producers she adores, Opuswerk and Lee Holman.

On the A side Opuswerk delivers 2 deep driving techno tracks. RF Thruster basically expands from beginning to end. This constant propulsion has a deep impact on any dance floor. He drew inspiration from Jeff Mills and Planetary Assault Systems for this particular track. EmDrive starts with an atmospheric intro and morphs into one epic build up that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

On the flip side Lee Holman bangs 2 deep and firm techno grooves like there is no tomorrow. While Adaptive Optics is rough on the edges it does pay attention to small details which make the track very dynamic. Absorption Lines puts the emphasis on a warmer atmosphere. With this track you can transform anything into a pulsating hot mass, according to Esther.

Links: AE101  – AE202 – AE303

About the label

Another Earth is the vision of Esther Duijn. She aims at giving high quality artists who are super talented in the studio as well as being very skilled as a dj / live act a platform to express themselves.

The essence of the label is pure music and pure content. In the studio being cool and looking sexy and saying the right things at the right time don’t mean anything. You need to work your talents, your skills, the machines & computers to create quality music. The essence is music and nothing else.

Without music there is nothing in this industry and sometimes that seems to be forgotten.

The label is not aimed on one particular style but has a more left wing feel.

Artists to be featured on the label: Myles Serge, Duijn & Douglas, Plural, Hakim Murphy, Lee Holman, Opuswerk, Esther Duijn, more tba