Experimental techno label Repitch is putting in its 5-year milestone with a triple record compilation. Coming March 16th.

Featuring some big names and a breadth of tracks, Dys Functional Electronic Music showcases Repitch’s work of pushing techno with a “path less travelled” approach.
For a label with less than 20 releases, the variety featured on Dys Functional is impressive. The 3 label founders feature themselves, as does Sote, AnD and Mike Parker, who’ve all released EPs on Repitch. AnD’s Esoteric Systems is a stand-out release from back in 2014.
More recently, Ascion has put out Joy Dexon Club out on the label:


A1 / 1. Pinch – No Justice (Part 2)
A2 / 2. Ascion – Getaway
A3 / 3. Nuel – Biopunk
B1 / 4. Galaxian – Show Of Force
B2 / 5. Drvg Cvltvre – Dead And Gone

C1 / 6. Shapednoise – 0.1dbhisdoi’fioa
C2 / 7. Chris Moss Acid – Catacid
C3 / 8. AnD – TT2
D1 / 9. Gaja – Any Expectation
D2 / 10. The Exaltics – Vierundvierzig
D3 / 11. Sote – Operor

E1 / 12. Skudge – Buchla.M1000
E2 / 13. Mike Parker – Ilium Sphere
E3 / 14. Ascion & D. Carbone – Dritte
F1 / 15. Zenker Brothers – Perainer
F2 / 16. D. Carbone – Comma Wave

There are a few specific tracks to look out for on this release: the final track from D.Carbone is a an all out heavyweight murderer. Galaxian’s Show of Force is a lesson in techno funk and acid.  The Exaltic’s track is similar, with acid holding it down. The Zenker Brother’s are characteristically distorted and subdued. PInch is towards the more strange end of the spectrum, but all his sounds gather together under the No Justice spoken sample and create something new. Frankly, a lot of this compilation is refreshing, with tracks that have had real work put into them, though scattered among them are some that are a little too grating for the average ear. It definitely has the advantage of variety, there’s dub techno, Death Grips, acid, witchhouse and Autechre mixed in there.

If you’re interested in Repitch’s previous releases, check out  Stave’s After the Social EP.
You can pre-order the physical and digital album here.