Artist(s): Acronym
Release/Type: DIM004 Off The Grid

Label: Dimensional Exploration
Release date: Upcoming

It’s been two years since Acronym’s last release on his own Dimensional Exploration. A 4-track, vinyl-only release, the EP stands out with unique samples dotted all over. Of the four, only the title track could be described as a more traditional thumper and even then it could be the only techno track that makes use of whale sounds. Or is it dolphins?

Trend Setting

Opening ‘Submarine’ revolves around a strangely cute and squeaky sound. It’s framed with simple but well-executed percs and pads. Tiny drips and escaped air accompany this mechanical popping sample. Pared back in a controlled way, ‘Submarine’ verges on ambient. Going off grid and deep underwater at this time in history is something a lot of people might fantasise about while this track ticks away.

In comparison to this,’It Lives Below’ is an onslaught. Its contorting sounds do manage to fit in with the rest of the EP. Although it’s structurally similar to the other tracks, it’s consistent loop doesn’t resonate as well. The title track far outshines this slightly twisted let down. A remix might be in order here.

‘To Breath Under Water’ brings everything back down to earth. Its gentle aquarium-esque sounds bubble away, living up to the title. Coming down playlist gold. Acronym’s idea of Off The Grid seems to mean out to sea. Luckily, the album doesn’t come across as gimmicky or themed. It’s like the missing piece from a Legend of Zelda water temple soundtrack. It emphasises that if artists can take care of the minutiae of music production, entire tracks take care of themselves. Acronym makes simple pads do a lot of work in Off The Grid. Formless sounds against hard aggressive beats are obviously popular in modern techno – but this is precisely because of songs like Off The Grid making it work and setting trends into place.


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The record can be purchased upon release from Diamonds and Pearls