Artist: Mørk
Release: Pareidolia EP
Label: Doble Bilder
Release Date: 3 Dec 2016

The machine-loving pair of Emanuele Pertoldi a.k.a Shaded Explorer/Redundænt and Francesco Devincenti produce and perform together as Mørk. Their first EP comes as the debut release of their own Doble Bilder label. Its title — Pareidoliadescribes a psychological phenomenon in which one’s perception of a sound/image causes them to perceive something familiar to them. However, that which is perceived is actually not present. Below, I look into the accuracy of this title:


Electronic winds sweep open fields lazily, whisking persistent cries of endearing drones along with them. A raw dub atmosphere takes shape, snapping its fingers to send you into a deep hypnosis. A vague silhouette shimmers into sight. Rapid scratches and screeches — seemingly emanating from its form — signal potentially threatening intent. Subtly they rise and fall out of hearing, masking the heartwarming chords rising from the Chang’e‘s deep dub core. Gently, they set you back on a tuft of grass you never noticed. You’ll emerge with a story to tell.



A City on the Edge of Forever

The layering on this eases you right into studio with Mørk, out in the field looking up at birds. Its atmosphere shifts shapes sluggishly but ever so fluidly to reveal a concert by nature and machines. None of the loops or percussion sets overwhelm. Instead, they create enough tension for you to be expectant, but uncertain of what to expect. This fusion of natural and analogue create a liberating, idyllic setting. As you dance — deeply engaged by a spellbinding array of sonic stacks — you’ll struggle with wanting to keep your eyes closed and needing to see if the world around you is as excited as you.


This builds on a firm series of rapid fire punches to launch into a hyperspace.  Intense kicks and an undulating series of melodies swirl slowly in and out of focus. Gradually, these fall away into the background as a flurry of bass-driven twangs and shimmering percussion take centre-stage. They shall beguile time with you to the bitter end.


Mørk create several delightful thrillers within each track in this EP. They were all written and performed live, significantly enhancing their ability to exude raw emotion and blur genre boundaries. Each will open your mind to a concoction of influences. Perhaps more importantly, they will provoke singular sets of sensory responses from you.

Immerse yourself in the spaces that Mørk create. They come highly recommended!

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Our sincerest thanks to Mørk for facilitating this review.