“A Place Where The Desert Meets The Ocean” is a four-track EP created by Italian The Noisemaker, also known as Riccardo Piovesan. Since 2010, The artist has been taking a long route leading to his personal musical aesthetic. The result has become notable releases on M_Rec, Silent Steps, Natch and Raw Waxes.

Artist: The Noisemaker
Release: “A Place Where the Desert Meets the Ocean” EP
Label: Raw Waxes
Release date: 27.11.2016

As a record collector, I spend a good portion of my time searching for, and listening to music. When it comes to Techno I’m always on the lookout for a release with “that desirable hook”. The hook which triggers an endorphin overdose in my central nervous system all within a few fractions of a second. I felt this the instant I dropped the needle on what was to become another sincere addition to my collection.

The EP opens up with “Dumb”, an interesting mix where he manages to combine a smooth kick with a rolling bass line and a somewhat unconventional use of heavy claps, singing percussion and tense synth sounds. Initially it felt like that wasn’t supposed to work, but it does somehow. The second track “Playful” is an extension of the first track in that he incorporates the same elements, but in a more structured composition.

I got the impression that the A – side showcases a certain aspect of musical experimentation, which is common for The Noisemaker, and that the B – side was a more traditional approach to a production. “Fuzzy Ambient” is a warm groove with mellow synths and soft percussion that creates a kind of nostalgic atmosphere. Finally the artist takes me to desirable hook territory with the last track, “Endless Horizons”. This is my favorite track simply because of it’s aesthetics. It’s like a set compressed into the format of a track, and it also serves as a perfect ending to this EP.

The Noisemaker – Endless Horizons:



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