Artist: Shaded Explorer
Release: Emerald Weapon EP
Label: Midgar Records
Release Date: Oct 24, 2016


Emanuele Pertoldi, a.k.a Shaded Explorer, is no stranger to the world of hypnotic techno releases and soothing ambient. He has previously released material on Silent Season and Kabalion. I gave his latest output on Midgar Records an in-depth listen and had this to say:


Emerald Weapon

Code is beginning to percolate from the top end of a number of screens. The beeps of the machines it appears to be controlling is rising, peaking at the same time as a thumping press begins to churn out finished green units. The morning sun is rising in the West, its light a paradoxical entry into this alternate dimension, where the machines seem to control all. One unit, MC-60, fresh off the press and in the path of its rays whirrs to life. As it does so, the orchestral melodies of a concerted human troupe rise from obscurity, bound to their harmonic instruments and injecting sentimentality to the mechanical display of authority. This is a tale of dominance, concessions and a new order.


The steady, determined stomps of MC-60 are kicking up a storm as the robot attempts to take off. Lifeless rivals and comrades alike look on, switched off but still curious to see what comes of all the commotion. Within its buzzing mainframe, possible permutations for flight are calculated at a frenetic pace. The odds seem slimmer with each result, but the lights of hope only flicker; they never return dimmer. Finally — with a blinding shimmer — fuel ignites and off MC-60 ascends. Up and away, into the unknown.


Shaded Gems

The flight of the machine has been one rife with challenges. A fuel burnout left our MC-60 unit floating helplessly through zero gravity. In its state of distress, distant echoes from its memory bank begin to fire up. A pleasant, placating sequence of taps, shakes and hi-hats colours its wide glass eyes, the hope it represents offering a consolation to the stranded lone traveller.



Textures that caress and flow have become part of the sensory data the MC-60 is picking up. A lot happens beneath the more prominent sensations — in silence, a true story unfolds. Track of time was lost long ago now. All that is left for the solitary unit in deep space is a collage of interpretations of unknowns through sound. More whistling galactic winds and warped chimes ring on. When do we reach another planet?


Naive’s Reality

The MC-60 has come to the end of its excursion. As it hovers precariously at the mouth of a gaping black hole, its lenses focus on the star systems beyond. Planet-sized wisps float before it, like dandelions in the moorland that is space. Its reconnaissance mission complete, it beams a final transmission back towards home-base: TH3R3 I5 N0TH1NG M0RE T0 C0NQU3R 0UT H3R3.


This enchanting, constellatory meadow you find yourself in is the result of an emotive fusion of live elements by Shaded Explorer. His machines create a parallel reality by fusing psychotropic techno with sculpted ambient, resulting in an intoxicating journey as portrayed above. Emerald Weapon is a collection of fine dance music, with a guaranteed ticket to the stars as an insert.


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We’d like to thank Midgar Records and Emanuele Pertoldi for making this music available to us for review.