This past week we caught up with Dutchman Reggy Van Oers a.k.a RVO to talk about his upcoming album — Taciturn Manner. Find out the forces behind the solo project on his Telemorph imprint and its upcoming launch show at De Muziekgebouw aan’t IJ on September 16.

Can you describe the process behind creating the Taciturn Manner LP — gear used, muse and nuances behind the tracks and/or any funny/frustrating/difficult moments along the way.

Taciturn Manner has been written in a very difficult period in my life due to private circumstances that happened from one day to the other. Within a very short time, I got confronted with fear, a lot of uncertainty, hope and moments in which I thought I could smile again (sort of). I’ve recorded 28 minutes of me being outside basically trying to figure things out; just recording life around me without any real purpose.

These recordings were the foundation of the first track of the album by building long fx chains while re-recording the scapes that were being produced. Pieces of this track turned into the rest of Taciturn Manner. The material reflects a part of the state I was in as a whole, which I can only describe as a state of serene anxiety. My intention was to keep it very restrained and to have total focus on movement. Movement between the elements and frequencies created by continuous detailed modulation.


You have contributed so much in your long career in the Dutch techno scene. Who excites you amongst the emerging breed of producers today?

Interesting question as I’ve been around for a while primarily working with several imprints located outside the Netherlands, as well as my performances. Artists like Acronym, Dubit, Polar Inertia and Luigi Tozzi excite me at the moment. And of course my dear friends Claudio PRC and UNC who have been carefully contributing and sculpting Telemorph with me. They all have a clear philosophy about their music, every time developing in a certain way but staying close to themselves.


This is your first solo release on your own label. What plans do you have going forward for Telemorph?

I started Telemorph mainly to have a place to be able to release material that’s very close to me; music that extends several aspects of how I experience my surroundings. This is the reason I’ve been focusing on collaborations from the beginning. However, solo releases are equally important.

Being together in the studio, coming across a subject or theme, and being absorbed by translating and experimenting with mutual expressions really adds something to how I perceive music. This way of working has made the output of the label more authentic and memorable for me. I relive the moment of creation again and again.

Taciturn Manner is a natural development following previous releases — like the way of creation. It is also a moment in which the label can go into different directions. The next release will be an example of that. And without going into many details, I can just say it will be a very interesting collaboration for me.


You are hosting a live show at De Muziekgebouw very soon to celebrate the album. What can people expect from you and your team?

For the 4th installment of Morph we’ve chosen to collaborate with The Rest Is Noise at Muziekgebouw aan‘t IJ. This venue is a concert hall for contemporary classical music. The special setting has challenged us to go beyond what we’ve been doing before. It’s going to be a night of very powerful audio and visual performances to explore the broad spectrum of electronics. We are very happy to be able to invite Murcof, Dadub and Dubit. Each one of these artists, in a specific way, have had a big impact on me regarding “sound”. Naturally it was the perfect moment for me to premiere my live show of Taciturn Manner.



Ahead of the show, RVO has granted Monument an exclusive premiere of Corroded By Time. Have a listen below:

Also, be sure to catch his live show in Amsterdam on September 16, 2016. Grab your tickets here while stocks last.