Launched in 2013 by Silent Servant, Regis and James Ruskin (after the closing of Sandwell District), Jealous God is a techno label that pushes visual and sonic boundaries. While in a genre which prefers shades of black over shades of grey, the label stands out as a parody.

Jealous God Logo

A catalogue of eleven releases has sprung out of the the label over the past three years. Their style can be described as heavily influenced by post-industrial, post-punk, EBM and industrial noise; with appearances from Terence Fixmer and Alexey Volkov over to Ruskin and Silent Servant themselves.

The visual styles are curated by Mendez and underline the parodic, near non-conformic feel of the label, playing with the delusions of societal beliefs using religious and other paraphernalia. They have taken a distinctive approach with their saturated colors and minimal compositions influenced by 60’s iconography. In its three years of existence, Jealous God has worked with visual artists such as Jenny Sayaka Nono, Rita Minissi, Corinne Schiavone, Josie Renee Vand and Alexandra Sophia Tipacti — who have contributed in mediums including photography, film, illustration and collage.


JG08 Artwork

However, Jealous God has decided to draw the curtains in order to move onto the next creative phase. The final releases on the label will come from Dominico Crisci, Champagne Mirrors, Black Merlin, Phase Fatale and Silent Servant. Additionally, an archive of the label will be captured in book format after that.

Jealous God will put on the Optimistic Decay showcase on August 26th, to be hosted as part of Berlin’s Atonal. It is a Jealous God showcase with a lineup exhibiting some unexposed talents Mendez has scouted; highlighting both American and European acts. Optimistic Decay will illustrate the future and final destination of the label; while exploring the next void to fill or boundary to push.