Artist(s): Shifted

Release/Type: Six Steps to Resurgence/EP

Label: Avian

Release date: 08/08/2016

Persistence of Vision kicks off with a pulsating series of kicks that denote an immediate trip into the yonder. Shifted brings pictures of a smoke-engulfed room — with silhouettes and bobbing heads — to mind as the track drones along and percussive elements begin to sneak in from a distance. This is a journey into a cosmos — an intergalactic call from the centre of the dance floor. And dancers will be hard-pressed to ignore it.

Anti draws you in with a call-and-answer drone pattern that sets the tone for a personless conversation. An indistinct but intense discourse between two halves of one self ensues in the track. As some voices seem to shout over others throughout the song’s progression, it eventually reaches a boiling point. But, there is no winner. One does not envy those who may hear this at the end of their night.


Who knew the sound of machines crying could be so beautiful? Shifted. What begins as a repeated high-pitched note with a backing series of kicks evolves into a cause for full-body gyration. As a result, the final track is a beautiful wrap-up of a splendid selection of tracks. So, say hello to a fresh serving of dance floor stomping and cosmic mystery — both, as Guy Brewer (Shifted) would have it, In Equal Measure.


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