Christopher Joseph is a DJ, producer and a label owner with a passion for storytelling. He strives to create expression through his art form, which is something any serious artist could testify to. Originally from New England (USA), his passion for music brought him to New Orleans and later to what is considered the techno hub of our age, Berlin. 

At 23 he launched his own imprint, Flexxseal, and joined the team at The Record Loft. In 2015 he released his most important EP to date, “Mind at Sea” on his own imprint. The record was massively supported by the infamous Hard Wax who sold it exclusively for some time. Christopher Joseph’s unique DJ sets blend techno with a patchwork of electronic music from various movements and styles. Aware of the 90s techno mood across Europe yet riddled with current sensibilities too, something you will notice as you listen to his mix.

Q: So your musical journey started in the US, and has brought you to Berlin. What triggered your interest for music and techno?

It all started with percussion. For my eighth birthday my grandmother gave me a drum set, and that got the ball rolling. Later things moved towards metal and hardcore, but also jazz, which I learned formally at school. I found myself more and more interested in bands that were using synthesizers, or samplers, and before I knew it I was mostly just listening to electronic music. When it was time to think about university I had no idea what else to do so music was an obvious choice. I applied to the music program at Loyola New Orleans. After almost 5 years in Louisiana, it was time for a change. Berlin made the most sense for me. 

Q: What motivated you to start Flexxseal?

I came up with most of the ideas for Flexxseal and Christopher Joseph during my last 8 months in New Orleans. It started as an event series, but it didn’t really work out. There wasn’t much interest for this kind of thing, New Orleans already has so much culture and a rich musical history and I don’t think you can force people to enjoy something that is totally out of context. There was always a plan to start a label, so I just shifted my focus to that and made the first Flexxseal records.

Q: Is the label managed solely by you?

Yes, for now. It is also self distributed.

Q: What inspires you as a DJ and producer?

Unlocking potential you never knew was there, there’s always something to new to discover.

Q: Tell us about your collaboration with I/Y and your release on Moments 02?

Irakli from I/Y came into Record Loft one time when I used to work there. “Mind at Sea” had just came out and we were talking about music. He asked me if I wanted to play the next Moments with him and Stanislav Tolkachev. Of course I agreed. Everything else just followed on organically after that.  

Q: Tell us about the your mix for Monument. You touch on many different styles all tied together with a “red thread” so to speak. Is this something you always try to accomplish in your sets?

I like to uncover electronic music from many different periods and bring them together, regardless of style. I try not to think about when something was made; it could have come out yesterday, a year ago, or in the 1990’s, it doesn’t matter.

Q: Finally, any updates we should look out for in the near future?

Be on the lookout for a new release from Draag on Flexxseal this Fall. I’m also working on a new EP at the moment. More details soon…

Moments 02 with: Christopher Joseph, I/Y, Stanislav Tolkachev