If you happen to be looking for pulsating techno that remains danceably groovy, Dustin Zahn’s remix of Marco Effe’s Unmanned Mission really scratches that itch.

On Edge Society and Marco Effe have been putting out consistent releases alike. On Edge is a tidy little label that has been accumulating solid 12”s under their belt since 2014. Despite being all the way on the other side of the pond in Brooklyn NY, they’ve been able to hold a candle to the titans of the genre in Europe. They’ve had a fair amount of play over here to prove it too, Effe included.

Having started his career in Italy, Effe himself is based in Berlin since 2011, and you can hear the effect it’s had on his production.

Effe’s tech-house background is clearly audible in the hats on this track, and Zahn has made use of them to create an effective circling groove that puts the pressure into the sound-the-alarm pads that are behind the kick drum throughout. The science-fiction title ‘Unmanned Mission’ isn’t let down here. It just keeps on chugging along, reminded by the railway-crossing stabs that add some treble to all the colliding percussion. The singularly most important piece at play is the muted percs that Zahn has contributed. It’s what turns a brute-force thumper into something refined, ready and poised for the peak-time dance floor.

Stylistically Effe has deviated a long way from his popular 2010 track ‘Janet’. Now that Effe’s landed himself firmly within the upper echelons of techno, we can only expect that his releases get better and better. It’s easy to see why he’s had plays and endorsements from Len Faki and Gregor Tresher, and I, for one, am looking forward to getting this track on my own decks. The summer is certainly going to need as many tunes to bring out people’s real dance moves as it can get. Fingers crossed for some sweaty nights with this one on rotation if the past is anything to go by.

If you’re lucky enough to be in mainland Europe this June you can catch Marco Effe across the continent in Italy and Switzerland. Check out the track in full below or direct from Monument’s Soundcloud page. The 12” and digital release is out now to purchase at decks.de.