I like some noise in my music, a bit of distortion, jagged textures. However, I have felt that Perc Trax – a label dedicated to melding punishing drones and ear-splitting feedback with club-ready Techno – have lately been relaxing their commitment to quality ever so slightly.

The label and its don have been guilty of releasing some monochromatic work in their time, which is somewhat understandable considering the specificity of the niche they occupy, but still less than ideal.

Fortunately, this also serves to underscore work that is original and exciting, which is exactly the case with Leather & Lace. I often find Perc at his best when he is teaming up with frequent collaborator Truss, and this record is a fine example as to why. There is a dash of playfulness to this release, most obvious in the title track which has a propulsive, old-school rave feel to it. From the massive sawtooth melody to the rare vocal sample and squeaky synth tones, this tune is an unexpected tribute to the Techno sounds of yore and a much needed curveball in a discography that has always been firmly dedicated to nasty, distorted sounds. Add to this the fantastic acid banger that is Subox (complete with some very well-executed Perc Trax noise) and you have an EP that stands out in a crowd. Definitely worth a listen.