With an eminent discography spanning many years and spread across many noteworthy labels, Go Hiyama is no featherweight. Based in Tokyo, Go has contributed to the techno music scene with several releases on labels such as Warm Up, Token, Stroboscopic Artefacts and Perc Trax, amongst others.

While reviewing his discography, one gets the sense that Go is a consistent producer with a passion and respect for his artform. He clearly maintains a certain level of quality in his output. What you are about to hear in Monument 105 can confirm this. Prepare yourself for a voyage through an enchanting techno soundscape


Nuel / Hyperboreal / Further
Skirt / Angracia / Semantica
Oliver Ho / Worship / Blueprint
Six Six Seconds / Tearing Down Heaven / Blackest Ever Black
Inner 8 / self determination / Holocene
Coo D’or / Now Is Ever – Milton Bradley remix / Semantica
Positive Centre / Prepared Platform / Snts
Go Hiyama / Inveterate / HueHelix
Positive Centre / Old Father Sun Strider / Our Circula Sound
Sendai / Inverse Array / Stroboscopic Artefacts
Romeo / Beyond Desire / Blueprint
Cassagrain / Katran / Konstrukt
Jeff Derringer / Radio Therapy – O/V/R remix / Soma
Regis / Manbait / Blackest Ever Black
DJ Boss / Trolley / Mord
Imugem Orihasam / Engraving / Diffuse Reality
Adam X / Irreformable / Sonic Groove
Oliver Ho / Burning Heretics / Blueprint
Janzon / Poetry In Motion / Code Is Law
Holly Herndon / Chorus (Loop) / RVNG
Ayako Mori / Stalker – Go Hiyama male mix / Abend kollektiv
CW/A / Conducting The Method / Vakant

Latest releases by Go Hiyama
Album: Holographic Remark
Remixes on Abend Kollektiv