Last week we got the chance to listen to the fairly new Omniscience EP, from the Italian producer HOBI. With a remix from Opuswerk included in it, we knew this was something to look into – so we asked the guys some questions while blasting off the tracks one by one.

Hey guys, first of all WOW – you have made a KILLER EP. Tell us about how you started collaborating?

HOBI: I follow Opuswerk music and projects since his first releases on Krill Music and Knotweed, I have always felt his mental and dark touch about music and I like it very much. We started to follow each other, and one day I asked to get a remix from him, a remix that made me so impressed!

Opuswerk: I remember getting a nice promo from Off White, for an EP by ArchivOne. So it was a nice surprise to see Andrea get in touch with me, especially as it coincided with me getting back to music again. Plus the track had some elements I thought I could take in another direction 🙂


How do you think people will react to it on the dancefloor?

HOBI: I think this EP could work in a lot of scenes, 4 tracks that work in the same way, so deep, mental and introspective but with different textures. I tested all the tracks, and I can say that people react in different ways according to each single tracks, and I’m so impressed of this.

Opuswerk: Basically what Andrea said. All tracks are different and work for different times of the night. I’ve surprised myself to play the remix quite often and the reaction has always been more than I expected.


Hobi: with your latest releases, it seems like you are trying to define a special techno sound.Tell us about this?

I consider myself an eclectic artist. This EP represent first half of me, dark deep and mental. The second half of HOBI will be developed through my next releases soon, based on a hard and straight touch, hope to enjoy my listeners at the same way I did with “Omniscience” EP.


Opuswerk: your remix fits perfectly on the EP. Did you spend a lot of time to make it work with the other tracks?

I never try to make music “fits”. Remixes are an occasion to take some musical ideas in another direction. More often than not, I end up re-synthesizing most of the samples. For this one, after thinking it would be an easy remix, I ended up trying many directions, building up textures or rhythms, from the samples.

After not being satisfied with the all those versions and with the deadline approaching, I tried one last time, jamming the machines and using one texture I really liked. I hit record, and the version that is out took a few hours to make. As I’ve been told one day it’s about letting the MachineDrum sing 🙂


And are you guys playing together?

HOBI: We have not still played together, but I hope to do it very soon!

Opuswerk: Same here, I would love to play in Italy one day.


And whats up next for you?

HOBI: I’ve confirmed releases on label that i’ve always followed as “Corresponding Positions” , “Nulldreißig 030” and “Planet Rhythm”, and I’m so happy for this.

Opuswerk: I’m just back from a mini-Russian Tour to celebrate the first birthday of Nikita Zabelin’s (Trip rec) Resonance FM radio show, with stops in Moscow, St Petersburg and Krasnodar.

A Various EP intitled: “Tales From the Dark Side” will come out on Knotweed records at the end of the month, with tracks by Philippe Petit, Benales, Gonzalo MD and myself.

We are also working with Francois X on new material for our collaborative project Hiss:1292 which should come out on Dement3d, so look out for that.

After an undesired musical hiatus in 2015, I’ve been again busy in the studio for more recording sessions, so hopefully some more music of mine will see the light of the day.

Hopefully more gigs too 🙂


To buy the tracks, check out bandcamp: