Joachim Spieth is the founder of the German techno label Affin. His career started with one of the earliest releases on Kompakt, a record label that has contributed with paramount influence in the electronic music landscape. With more than 15 years in the scene he has managed to build a record label that many associate with quality and variety ranging from house to techno.

The next hour will be spent listening to an array of tracks showcasing different atmospheres that leaves you craving for more! We hope you enjoy this weeks podcast, and don’t forget to follow Monument.


You must at one time have had a vision about how Affin should be, please tell us about it.

The idea for an own label was present long time before Affin started. The main reason was just to release whatever i wanted. Moreover i like the idea of being independent from others opinions and after some years of releasing and working on several labels i felt fine to go for it.

Are you getting closer to your vision?

Yes, for sure. The Affin 100 compilation was a turning point for the label. In the last 2 years the the label focussed on releasing techno.

What are your thoughts on the techno scene today?

Compared to the time when i started releasing music (1999) a lot of things changed (otherwise it would be sad, ha ha). With developments of software and DAWs it’s easier/cheaper to start producing music. This caused a crowded market and especially on download shops you can see a lot of crap is being sold.

How do you spend your time when you are not producing, managing or DJing?

I don’t have much time besides from it. I try to relax and easy my mind. 

Finally, if music was not your carrier what could have been your alternative career?

I’m not sure.

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