Our top 5 Techno festivals

Here at Monument, we’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of summer (I’m sure you are too!), and with summer, comes festival season, so we have decided to provide you with a little top 5 of our favorite summer Techno festivals.

5. Dimensions Festival

24/08 – 28/08

Pula, Croatia

Starting off strong, the notorious Croatian festival has recently been nominated for the UK Festival Award for Best Overseas Festival and has certainly gained our attention. Dimensions Festival is held at Fort Punta Christo, which is truly a sight to behold, amazing scenery coupled with perfect summer weather –  what’s not to love?!

Check the lineup out here: http://www.dimensionsfestival.com/line-up/


4. Dekmantel

04/08 – 07/08

Amsterdamse Bos, Netherlands

Dekmantel has slowly gained more traction and is now up there among the best underground festivals in the world. With Boiler Room aboard the Dekmantel train, it can only go down well!

Dekmantel is all about fine-tuning the tiniest details and bringing together an amazing crowd, lineup and atmosphere all in a unique surrounding. You can check out what Dekmantel is all about with their Boiler Room cross over videos. You will not be disappointed at what Dekmantel has to offer.

Check out the lineup here: http://www.dekmantelfestival.com/program/


3. Nachtdigital

05/08 – 07/08

Bungalow Village Olganitz, Deutschland

Nachtdigital is everything we want in an underground festival, affordable, intimate and carefree! And by carefree we mean the atmosphere. Nachtdigital is well known for being a welcoming and humble festival, with nothing but love to offer.

The small open-air festival offers a superb lineup, production and venue all for a small fee. It’s hard to describe what exactly Nachtdigital is all about and so there’s only one way to find that out!

There’s yet to be a lineup announced however we’re certain that it’ll be a good one.

2. Berlin Atonal

End of August

Kraftwerk Berlin, Deutschland

Held at the center of everything that is Techno – Berlin Atonal is the true definition of underground music.

Berlin Atonal may not be for everyone, especially if you want the traditional sunny festival – it’s set in an abandoned powerplant, much like the infamous Berghain. The high ceilings and endless concrete pillars make this venue what it is, but the organizers haven’t stopped there, they’ve thrown in some of the most mesmerizing visuals around to produce an astonishing display of underground poetry.

Again, much like Berghain, Berlin Atonal is shrouded in mystery and enigma, you cannot truly appreciate this masterpiece without getting some first hand experience of what the fuss is about.

Unfortunately there’s no lineup at the time being but Berlin Atonal always delivers and is the perfect place to discover new artists.


1. Awakenings


25/06 – 26/06

Spaarnwoude, Netherlands

I’m pretty sure that Awakenings will always take the crown when it comes to Techno orientated summer festivals, there is nothing quite like it. If you haven’t heard of Awakenings then you’re in for an awakening (pun sadly intended)!

Awakenings festival is the pinnacle of all Techno festivals and is one of the only underground music festivals that offers pure Techno – nothing but the good stuff from open to close. The guys at Awakenings handpick the finest selection of Techno royalty from across the globe and put together the best productions we have ever laid eyes upon. There’s a reason that this is the biggest Techno festival in the world.

You can check out everything there is to know about Awakenings through the power of the Internet, you can watch sets, interviews, the after movie but there’s nothing quite like experiencing it, which we recommend you do.

Feast your eyes upon this lineup: http://www.awakeningsfestival.nl/line-up/



Although it appears that we’ve ranked these festivals, it’s really up to you to decide. We would attend any of these in a heartbeat (if money allowed). This is just opinion and everything here is subjective. We do, however, suggest you take these festivals into consideration, save some cash dolla bills and get yourself to one of these incredible events!

Oh, and enjoy the Techno!