UNC & RVO – Thedar

Using heavily reverberated FM pads not much unlike those Dino Sabatini was melting brains with a couple of years ago, Reggy van Oers levels up his gorgeous rhythmic template with a more than welcome collaborative effort from Pier Alfeo a.k.a. UNC. Impeccable mixdown and pressing quality on both sides, too. Highly recommended.

Boston 168 – Oblivion EP

The raw sound of a Roland drum machine and/or 303 often strikes me as boring by itself. Throw in some sweet distortion and a pad, however, and you have a jolly fresh club anthem.

Reclaim Your City – Stockholm_Helsinki 1.0

Leaving behind the excessively compressed drums which – for me – have made the weak element of his own imprint so far, Evigt Mörker finally manages to concentrate his sound on on what he does best, which is the feels. Also including contributions from Acronym, Samuli Kemppi and Joho Kusti, the latest Reclaim Your City compilation is well worth its price for this track alone.

Amandra – Drachme Tolosate 2EP

The driving belt of Ahrpe Records is finally starting to get the recognition [s]he deserves, in part thanks to several popular DJ’s playing “Achante Guadalupe” in their radio sets and podcasts. But my personal fave is “Selocine”, which is quite goosebump-inducing and has huge set potential if played in the right context.

Alfredo Mazzilli – Enchanted Pathways EP

A surprising but most welcome pick from the label of Edit Select. Drop “Rays of Light” on a proper sound system, and you’ll hear a perfect example of airy, lively drums done right. According to Mazzilli himself, a physical pressing is coming later in 2016.

BLNDR – Fluid System

Without being able to pinpoint exactly how or why, I often know within 30 seconds whether I like a track enough to bother listening to the whole thing. “Inlet Gauge” and the Mod21 remix of “Fluid System” are both perfect examples of pitch-black techno primers that I fell in love with instantly. Boot your existential 11PM warm-up set with one of these and see what happens!