TIM has always been seeking to predict times of silence and discretion, the installation of either a torrid or freezing climate, inhaling every form of rhythm and exchange. The Dutchman flirts with sounds to represent parts of his deep humanity. In search of the perfect harmony and profound inner peace, he represents the avant garde of a sensational music.

According to him a music can be used as a tool as itself, it all depends on the meaning he gives to it and the manner he uses it. TIM. as a therapist, manage to encircle your need and feelings in attempting to preserve your soul through his pure chords and shady paths.


Tell us about the HIGGS live concept, how did it get started and what is it about?

HIGGS live is a Concept where electronic music’s finest Dj’s broadcasted live, touching genres including techno, house, experimental and minimal. We started HIGGS live concept around 3 years ago, doing energetic private live stream parties at undisclosed locations in the Netherlands featuring artists like Sandrien, Amir Alexander and Beesmunt Soundsystem. HIGGS live also showcases labels; such as ‘Anagram’ and ‘Tomorrow Is Now Kid’.

Wow are you planning to develop the concept for the future?

We developed the concept in such a way so we could host bigger public events. We have some nice things scheduled throughout the year. But we also are planning again some notorious private livestream party’s soon in the Netherlands.

Did you plan the tracks for this mix, or is most of it on the fly?

When I record a podcast I always kinda make a track selection what I want to present, but never know how the mix will end up. For me it is always about improvising with these tracks. I think you can really feel the energy in this podcast, a raw mix of old and new stuff.

Tell us about your most memorable DJ gig?

I think I have to go a gig this last summer. I played at my hometown at a festival called ‘Ploegendienst’. I closed the main stage together with Invite and Tim Wolff playing a b2b2b set, all the elements were there for a proper rave.. I’m still buzzed thinking back at this one.

What do you like to eat before attending a rave party?

Depends on when the rave is. If at night, some proper meat and potatoes, but when going by daytime, a good breakfast with eggs and bacon always does the job 😉