Javier Bähr is a 21 years old DJ and producer who grew up in Frankfurt, Germany. He is a member of the event series and emerging techno label From Another Mind. Besides his media design study he also is in charge of the corporate design of the collective. Javier is a resident DJ of the MMA -Mixed Munich Arts club in Munich.


Tell us about the FAM collective, how did it get started?

From Another Mind was founded in the beginning of 2014 from the idea and motivation to establish a party series. We are booking artists whose productions convince and inspire us. In 2015 we decided to create a platform that offers us the opportunity to independently publish music and for us to realize the music itself.

So you take care about the designs of the collective, explain the image you are aiming to communicate?

The cover drawings of our records should always reflect the mood of the EP. We work close together with Céline Bischoff who draws the illustrations for us. I take care of the layouts, flyer, web design and make all the things ready for print.

What should we look out for from FAM in the near future?

SHDW & Obscure Shape will be releasing their third EP in may. By the end of this year we have a huge double 12“ Remix EP coming out. As well we planned some label nights at different venues.

Have you met any challenges as a DJ and producer so far? If so, how are you going to develop your art?

I really like to play the warm up slot because its a big challenge in my opinion. Animating people to dance and providing for the right atmosphere is very important for a night. For me there is nothing better than building up a set from ambient over downtempo to deep techno. I alway try to embody my mood in my sets or when i produce music.

Tell us about your residency and the MMA club in Munich?

MMA – Mixed Munich Arts is in an old cogeneration plant in the center of the Bavarian state capital. The industrial location is definitely the best place for techno club in Munich. Besides their great booking policy they also have a nice restaurant and area for art exhibitions. In addition to our monthly parties there i also really enjoy playing on special events or exhibitions.

Finally, what do you like to eat before going to a techno party?

Mexican food. Especially burritos with a lot of guacamole in it. Yummy!