Hi-hats as sharp as a knife, hypno-synths combined with dark industrial sounds, merged into a technical oasis full of mysterious storylines. The Netherlands are lucky to add another great producer and live act to their list. Qindek’s first release made it far across the border last year.

Darko Esser was the man who, again, pulled a new talent from the east of the country and gave him a shot at his own Wolfskuil-label to release music in vinyl. People like Rolando, Norman Nodge, Ben Sims and me incorporated Qindek’s release in their sets. The Outbreak EP(WOLF026) turned out to be a final breakthrough in Qindeks career, who put his focus solely on techno 2 years ago.

The producer, who lives in Deventer, is in the music business for over ten years. In 2011 the urge of being an techno-only artist grew. This was a clear sign for himself: go back to the sole essence of electronic music. Qindek started the long journey with a new studio with the essential hardware. His Amsterdam debut was in Trouw at the 21st of December 2013 at Sandrien’s night Imprint. Next up is a gig with Psyk and Luke Slater at Reaktor.


Since you are pretty new in the techno scene, tell us something about yourself that people don’t know?

That I’ve been around for about 11 years now. I started DJing together with my friend somewhere in 2000. Small things, local stuff. Then i traded my decks for a laptop so i could produce and play live. This was somewhere in 2006. At that time i was more into the deeper, melodic music. After dropping an album (Exhale Tempus) i got a little lost and i found myself in the Techno groove again. So thats why i started this new project called QINDEK. QI stands for Energy and DEK is like a field or room. Thats what i’m aiming for, to fill a room with a solid energy.

What are some upcoming releases?

I’ve got a remix lined up for the next Wavereform release, and a track on the new Studio R’s VA. Next to that i’m working on a new EP for Wavereform and shaping up my own vinyl label. Next to that i have a bandcamp called ‘Qindek’s Toolshed’ on which i’m releasing digital only music from time tot time.. So keep an eye out for that!

What was this summers best rave?

The 4th of august.

How is the scene over there?

Alot of stuff is happening. I like the fact that a lot of people are involved in the scene, but i am a little suspicious about the hyped up stuff. The festivals here are amazing, and very good organised. I hope that we get some more good clubs, too bad Trouw ended. But i think the void it left will be filled pretty soon. I love clubs. I think the energy in clubs is more captured than on festivals, because of the closed atmosphere you see. If you got a good thing going in a club, time becomes more relative than on a festival.

Anything else?

PROMO ALERT!! Hope you enjoy my podcast!!

Souncloud: qindek


  1. Korridor – Path 0102.591
  2. Roger Gerressen ALMA & Danii Lekatompessy – Basic Instruction
  3. Yuka – Elemet X
  4. Qindek – In need Of Space
  5. Mike Parker – Hiss
  6. Dasha Rush – Dreamn68
  7. ESHU – Ramanaya (Abdullah Rashim remix)
  8. Reggy van Oers – TRC02
  9. Korridor – Futurist
  10. Peter van Hoesen – Drift
  11. Qindek – Symphony of the Torned
  12. Ligovskoï – Dilip (Antigone & Francois X Remix)
  13. Perm – 01
  14. SP-X- – Spectrum Drift
  15. Sleeparchive – Senza Titolo One
  16. Yaleesa Hall – First perrin
  17. Levon Vincent – Junkies on Hermannstrasse
  18. Lotte – History of Discipline
  19. Steve Murphy – Totall Recall 2084
  20. Stanislav Tolkachev – Self Renewal

Artwork: Ted Van Pelt – Magic Slippers