On this new episode, we welcome Kristina. The Spanish DJ and producer has been working in the southern part of Europe mostly, that’s maybe why she describes her music as being soul-full. You’re up to judge by yourself and listen to the hour of deep and hypnotic techno set that she provided us for this week.

After almost 15 years of professional career playing in Spain and Portugal, Kristina’s debut as producer is worldwide introduced in 2015 through the label Amsafe Records, with TRAXX1 and TRAXX2 being the first two Ep’s. Her interests and focus during this past period was mainly revolving around Drum & Bass, Breaks and Electro. But nowadays she works in her own vision of the electronic music, which goes from techno to US house.

Based on different styles and using other formats like CD and vinyls, Kristina exposes and come up with DJ sets built from deconstruction. Break lines or musical concepts are often the pathways of building new ideas to help us understand electronic music. Her label Amsafe Traxx carries the following message: “The need of a spiritual guide that protects us from a material world of hazardous nature and against of the soul development”.

Start listening now.

So you have been active as a DJ for the last 15 years, what motivated you to take it a step further and start producing?

The production is something that has interested me since I was a teenager, when I became aware of what electronic music was; and in those days it was made basically with machines. I had a lot of imagination, and my brain constantly invented sounds and songs, sampling with my mind, but making music was something that felt like an unattainable dream. I used to buy some magazines of music production, which I hardly understood, because I liked watching all these devices, and I wanted to understand how can be created that music that is able to make you fly.
But when I started going to parties and clubs, DJs kept all my attention, and when I started DJing at the end of 1999, I devoted all my time to this art. 4 years ago I moved to Barcelona, and I thought it was time to make a change, and reach the goals that I postponed. I attended classes of music production in a school, and later received privates lessons. And that happened until today. So my dream has come true!

What inspires you as a producer?

Nowadays what inspires me are positive things. When I feel good and energised, I want to get into the studio and experiment with the music. As I am novice in the field of production and I think that negative emotions stop to me sometimes. I get inspired as well by old electro american records. Also it was really hard to set up my studio and when I wake every day and I look at it I feel really inspired. Listening to productions from other artists give me ideas as well. I like artists such a Kenny Larkin, Boards of Canada, Conforce, …

Has the launch of your label gained good acceptance?

Yes. I’m really surprised with the success. Being my first first label and record I was a bit scared, but the record sells good, and is even sold out in some store like Juno Records. I have received very good feedbacks directly from artists who I respect quite much like Laurent Garnier, Eric Cloutier, Nina Kraviz, Marcel Dettmann… and support from music lovers worldwide. I really appreciate the warm welcome everybody is giving me.

What are your future plans as a DJ and producer?

Thinking short-term, as a producer I have just finished “AMSAFE TRAXX 2”, that will be out in a few weeks and include on a side another project that I have with a guy called Modellover. So now I can concentrate myself in other requests for other labels. As a DJ I continue with my residency at MacarenaCclub Barcelona, which is twice a month and is called Technologica, an event focused on techno sounds.

What else do you enjoy to do when you’re not in the studio or behind the decks?

Listening to many different styles of music, and also many other things: like swimming, practicing yoga with my husband, taking a walk at the beach, sharing time with family and friends, painting, …