We welcome Luigi Tozzi. An Italian based producer with releases on influential labels like Dynamic Reflection and Hypnus Records. We could expect to hear more from Luigi in the future as you could read about in the Q&A. On the note of “future”, this mix showcases a futuristic landscape of techno sounds and grooves. A real treat for the mind.


Which DJ would you like to share a beer and a conversation with? Why?

Probably with the guys from Northern Electronics, especially with Acronym. I am paying a lot of attention to their output and like it very much, it’s interesting to me  how they express all a similar mood in their music, but keeping a very distinctive and individual touch. They are very careful not to unveil too much about themselves, which is something that I respect, but I’d be very curious to know a bit more about their methods and workflow.

How do you make your music? And whats up with the deep and sci-fi sound style?

I make my music with an hybrid setup, I own some analog machines (Ms20 mini/Microbrute and a couple drum machines) but I tend to work and process a lot in the box with Ableton and some plugin bundles. This is the way I will continue to work in my solo project, but in the future I am planning to make a collaboration with a friend here in Rome which will be centred only on machines. I think that jamming and arranging live can be very stimulating for creativity and I’m very looking forward to give it a try.

What’s happening in the future? (releases, gigs etc)

A lot is happening in the next months, with Hypnus we will release a LP with great artists (such as Cassegrain,Ness, Svreca, Mike Parker, Alan Backdrop, Orphx, Cio d’Or and Edit Select) remixing our works from the past year.This will be released in January and in the following months I already have three solo releases confirmed and some remixes. Also I am very excited about starting to work on a live set, I know this won’t be easy and will take some time but it’s an objective I have fixed as a goal for 2015.

Any words to the people out there mesmerized by your sound?

No I’ll just take the chance to say THANK YOU to everyone who is supporting what I am doing, I would have never expected my first two releases to go out of stock that fast and I am very grateful for this.