Another week, another amazing podcast! We have not left Italy yet because they continue to push out such high quality techno. Our guest for this mix is Logotech, who also has a number of releases on Ketra Records, the label of our previous guest, Mark Morris. For this episode, you will be hearing a combination of old and new tracks mixed with an edge!

“Rhythm increases tension while it is moving forward unchallenged through syncopated melodies, hypnotic percussions and building grooves”. In simpler terms: this will blow your mind and give you amnesia for a minute or two.


What’s the story behind your DJ name “Logotech” ?

Well the name Logotech comes from a fusion between 2 words: the first is logo that mean tongue/speaking/language in ancient greek. The second word is, obviously, techno! And that’s what I am, a guy that speak techno. I’ve thought about this name when I was 18, then I started to make releases and playing in local parties. So from then until now Logotech became my second, and in many cases my first, name.

When was the first time you experienced techno, and how did it feel?

I’ve introduced myself in techno world when I was really young. I used to listen an italian techno radio show around 2000 and step by step I get into it. I was very young when I get my first approach with techno but for the first moment I’ve fallen in love with it and became my purpose. So I started to produce first but for some years I was far from sound I really feel: It was a long journey through a lot of influences and many years of practicing. I’ve learned everything by myself and I’m really proud about. I am on the way I wished to be and this is great.

What are top 3 techno names in the underground scene today?

Talking about underground today is an hard topic to me. Today this word is overused and it loss the meaning in my opinion. Anyway about artist I respect there is a long list of names that grows day by day. There is a lot of interesting music that’s coming out nowadays. Of course I have a lot of respect for my friends and partners in various projects Mark Morris & Future 16, we have all the same passion and love for music and techno and we are friends since we were teens so we grew up together with same goals, dreams and we still share these feelings.
Some other names I want to do are again from the south of Italy: The first in my opinion is the man, Raffaele Attanasio. Without any doubts is one of best producers and live performers I ever heard! The last name is 2030 aka Kalean, he is making some of the most beautiful tunes I’ve listened in this 15 years of techno. His album on CLFT is an all time masterpiece!

Productions/mixes coming up?

I’m finishing an EP for Ketra Records. I’m working as Alpha Code on next Zeitgeist Schallplatten (my own project on Bandcamp) and I Have to make a couple of remixes for the next time. About mixes I’ll be in 12h no-stop party next 25/10 here in Italy, I’m sure we’ll enjoy it!

Any extra words or emotions you want to spread to the world?

I’m a kind of lone wolf. I like to share emotions with a lot of people but I prefer to do it while I’m on a consolle and these people are dancing all together!

ArtworkRenaud Camus – David & Goliath