Sub:solid is a Berlin based DJ who broke daylight at Tresor in 2012. He provided us with his latest recording from a gig at this club showcasing his diverse style of playing. Our sources say that we should expect more from Sub:solid in the near future.

We present this week’s episode with special greeting from the Mecca of techno, Berlin. It is a recording from a gig that Subsolid did at Kanzlernacht, Tresor 14. June of this year.


You have musical roots in various genres of music, how did you discover techno?

My musical roots?? Haha, that’s right… My first love was old school Hip Hop. I came in touch with Techno in the mid-2000s. Visiting the old Tresor in Leipziger Strasse changed everything, no joke. The ultra dark basement floor, red lights, mad strobes and a hard pumping bass that I’ve never heard before… This experience was incredible for me!!! I’m infected till this day.

Do you have any plans to venture into music production as well?

Yes, I have planned my debut release on Nachtstrom Schallplatten with remixes from Torsten Kanzler & Pierre Deutschmann (aka Elematic) and Kevin Witt. Furthermore I’ll do a Remix for XLR1507 and a solo EP for favor.! There’s a lot to do.

Coming from Berlin, what influence would you say that this city has on techno music?

Berlin is the hometown of Techno and it wouldn’t even be possible without the crazy party people, every weekend, every day. Everything’s moving. 24/7!!! The city never sleeps. Two of the world’s most famous Techno clubs (Berghain/Tresor) you can find. Countless producers and DJs are living in the city, which makes Berlin to a Mecca for Techno lovers worldwide…

Some Djs have a “go to” record or artist that they always play. Do you have one?

Two of my favorite producers are Jonas Kopp & Markus Suckut. Both have such a powerful style that becomes part of my sets again and again.

What is the best club in Berlin right now?

Tresor is great but Berghain is not of this world.

ArtworkJan-Joost Verhoef – Green Industry