We are extremely proud of presenting Deepbass, a talented producer and DJ from Glasgow, Scotland. After being fans of his deep, hypnotic and atmospherical techno for years we finally got him featured on Monument.

For us, Deepbass is one of those producers that creates a new and unique sound to the techno scene. He has a futuristic vibe over his tracks and DJ sets. A kind of sound you just fall into, like a dream, or like you are in space..

So push play and join us into this one hour journey of proper techno.

We love your deep and atmospherical sound. Why do you choose to create techno in this way? What is the message?

This sound for me is not something I chose, I always had an element of this sound when working in the studio. Just something about the rolling hypnotic ambient infused sounds that I love. I feel this music is all about the atmosphere and every track takes you on a journey and tells it’s own story.

What kind of DJ gig do you like the most? And how was Berghain?

Usually I prefer smaller intimate venues where you have a close connection with the crowd, always helps if its a dark and dirty space. Berghain was amazing, playing was everything I hoped and more, its true what they say there is a really special feeling in that place.

Whats coming up for 2014? Both for you and informa records.

Got some cool stuff coming , the new Deepbass & Ness release on Dynamic Reflection, the Digital release of my Sequence EP on Edit Select Records, the Informa Experiments Volume 2 is going to press, a remix on the awesome new deep techno label Hypnus, also some stuff to release on various labels from a very successful week in the studio with nAX_Acid, and finally INFORMA008 is currently in production which will feature myself and another cool artist who I have been following a lot lately but prefer not to disclose just yet.

Any extra words?

You can catch me play live this month at ENTER. In Space, Ibiza in the ENTER.Mind room 10/07. Followed by Batofar, Paris where I’ll be playing alongside Par Grindvik 11/07.