A DJ-set mixed by Argentinian Gonzalo MD . A sound designer based in Buenos Aires. For the next hour and fifty minutes we will hear a set mixed with “real hands, vinyls and cdjs” with tracks from: Philippe Petit, Paul Mac, Mekas, Nihad Tule, Myk Derill, Tom Diccico, Emmanuel, Glos, Stefan Vincent, The Plant Worker, Divvorce, A&S. Also tracks from his three latest vinyls, releases on Knotweed Records, Ressort Imprint and DMT.

Gonzalo MD presents an energetic set, almost reminiscent to the fraze “Jackin”. Just in terms of great techno music. We hope to see more of this talented producer and DJ in the near future. We truly hope you enjoy this weeks podcast.


You have released on Knotweed and DMT. Tell us about the concepts that lay behind these labels?

Knotweed was the first label that really I trusted with my productions, so I released on vinyl with them. The opportunity to release on DMT (a label which I respect so much) was thanks to Philippe Petit; Decision Making Theory was a label that grew a lot in a short time. That was because of the quality the label presents through their releases. The label is focused on a Detroit, raw, acid sound with a minimalist concept.

You refer to yourself as a sound designer. What is the difference in being a sound designer, a producer and a DJ. Give us your opinion

A sound designer isn’t just composing music. A sound designer even has to adapt to an environment, plan, create and make that piece/production count in history. The most important part is that the designer has to figure out a way to make a track work according to how the idea of the track.

We are under the impression that you some how are infatuated by the city of Detroit, explain why.

I always felt chemistry with that city. The culture, the history,people, architecture,music, were a huge inspiration to achieve a sound which it is like a tribute to that great city.

What does techno music mean to you?

I learned to produce in one of worst moments of my life. I needed to find something to amuse myself and made me forget everything. With techno, I found myself with my feet planted on the ground. When I am in the moment in my studio, everything else disappears. It is only me, my machines and Techno!

Finally, what are your plans for future releases, gigs etc?

At the end of this year i’m going to do a release for Plector Records. A Belgian label with great artist as Stanislav Tolkachev, Charlton, Sleeparchive and a few more. Also, i’m going to release in a new label with various artist from Malta, Italia. I can’t give so much more information about this. My next performances will be all in Capital Federal (Buenos Aires), 21st of june and 18th of july and a few more still to confirm.

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