Phil Denton is a DJ and producer from Manchester, UK has been a part of the techno scene since 2005. In this two and a half hour treat you will hear tracks from artist like Zenker Brothers, Oscar Mulero, Exium, Blue Hour, Surgeon, Pfirter.


For this episode you have made a two and a half hour set, a somewhat unorthodox length for a podcast. What are the challenges in playing a long vs a short set?

The challenge is actually doing a short set, I have a lot of music and I want to play it all, I find I can’t truly express myself as a DJ in anything under 2 hours.

From listening to your mix we could hear a great compilation with different styles both new and old. How would you describe your style of playing?

Kind of that! My roots are in loopy percussive UK and european techno, but have been influenced by Detroit, and more recently Dub and Minimal, but it’s all techno, and I try to fuse these styles together and provide the listener with a bit of a journey, hence the long sets.

You have said that your interest in techno music was spurred by listening to trance. What are the differences between trance in the early days and techno today?

Interesting question. Not sure how to answer but what I will say is that my interest was spurned by the techier side of trance, Piccotto, Marco V etc, and quickly picked up on Liebing and Beyer, who were playing the sound I wanted back then. It’s interesting though that there is some decent techno tracks around that have pretty trancey influences now, such as Equalized 005, Blue Hour and the Recent Answer Code Request on Ostgut.

Give us some insight about yourself as a producer and future releases.

I just make techno as I feel it. I also do some more stripped back stuff under the alias Zonal, the first release is due out on UK based BLANk soon.

After that I have a release coming up in April on Tosi’s F.O.S label. It features remix from two other UK producers Ross Alexander and InnerCystem.

Finally, which record is your most played?

I don’t really have one, but one of my go to (actual) records is Paul Mac – Corner Of The Plate on Primate from 2002, thats the proper stuff.


    1. Zenker Brothers – Cosmilian [Tresor]
    1. Planetary Assault Systems – Motif [Ostgut Ton]
    1. Tom Diciccio – Vent [Inner Surface Music]
    1. Casey Hogan – Bounce The Lights [Macintosh]
    1. Raiz & Truncate – Inertia [Droid Records]
    1. Shifted – Telic [Our Circular Sound]
    1. Donor/Truss – Ease [M_Rec LTD]
    1. Planetary Assault Systems – GT (PAS Drone Sector Remix) [Mote-Evolver]
    1. Perthill & Alerts – Kin [Authentic Pew]
    1. Exium – Frontline (Inigo Kennedy Remix) [Nheoma]
    1. Donor/Truss – Endo 3 [Perc Trax]
    1. Tomohiko Sagae – Endurance [Authentic Pew]
    1. Fishermen – Lost Teeth [Skudge White]
    1. Monomood – Vault (Mike Denhert Remix) [Abstract Animal]
    1. J.C – 31 [Deeply Rooted]
    1. Kirk Degiorgio – Borel [NX1 Remix] [Far Out Recordings]
    1. Echoplex – Turn Out [Soliel Records]
    1. Perthill & Alerts – Kin (Secluded Remix) [Authentic Pew]
    1. Blue Hour – Meridian [Blue Hour]
    1. Go Hiyama – Common Blank (OM Remix) [Warm Up]
    1. Echoplex – Midday [Soliel Records]
    1. Forward Strategy Group – Elegant Mistakes [Perc Trax]
    1. Raiz & Jeff Derringer – Deception [Electric Deluxe]
    1. Marco Carolla – Plastatik [Neutronmusic]
    1. Exium – Star Ancestors [Modularz]
    1. Raiz & Jeff Derringer – Deceit [Electric Deluxe]
    1. Developer – Western Ways [Warm Up]
    1. Bas Mooy – Thood [Planet Rhythm]
    1. David Mesier – Transcending Your Fears [Darkfloor Sound]
    1. Robert Hood – Obey [M-Plant]
    1. O/V – Killing European Sons [Downwards]
    1. Inigo Kennedy – Emitter [Token]
    1. Ascion – Ancient Propaganda [3TH Records]
    1. James Ruskin – Liver Rhythm Separate [O/V/R Live]
    1. Pfirter – Ride (Exium Remix) [Mind Trip]
    1. The Nighttripper – Tone Exploration (Planetary Assault Systems Remix) [Underground Liberation]
    1. Pfirter – Crash [Mind Trip]
    1. Cindy – Asthma Stops Her From Living A Homosexual Lifestyle [Tono Limited]
    1. 3TH – Devastated Machinery [3TH Records]
  1. Surgeon – Death Before Surrender [Downwards]