Our guest for today is BLNDR from France. This week’s episode is a mystical performance by our friend from across the borders. Don’t hesitate to let your mind drift away with the music.


How did your interest in techno music come about?

I started listening to electronic music in 2007 when “Justice” first album “cross” came out . It was a revelation that made my interest in electronic music grow! Then I started listening to larger genre such as techno and house. My interest in techno really came out when I discovered Underground resistance’s Nation 2 Nation EP.

Give us a briefing about the labels that you are on (Container and Hypnus records)

Container & Hypnus are two realy different things . Container is a collective that gather techno lovers, producers, graphic designers and party organizers. With that team we are able organize our own techno parties in Paris and it’s suburbs! Hypnus is the label where i will release my first EP really soon! It is a Swedish label that shows an interest in deep hypnotic techno. I am really proud to be part of the Hypnus team. Lots of talents… and a great boss 

What inspires you musically?

I am really inspired by the Industrial vibe you can find on the techno scene today. Metallic Dark & cold tracks… With also strong inspiration from the Dub, acid, deep & mental techno. But when it comes to DJing i sometimes like to play really hard sest with fast BPM. Classic Rave Acid tracks mixed with recent techno artists such as Truncate, Psyk or Luke Slater.

Give us your take on the techno scene today

The Techno scene today is really inspiring for me… so many great producers & labels. I’d say my top five label of the moment are: Mote Evolver, Prologue, Sandwell district, Stroboscopic artefact & Avian.

What is your favorite record of all time?

Quite difficult question… It might be “The Campfire headphase” by Board of Canada…


  1. Dasha Rush : Ionik
  2. Clouds : Skeleton Island
  3. Rrose : Wedge
  4. Ntogn : Nibiru
  5. Cassegrain: Luban
  6. Acronym : River Red Gum
  7. Unknown artist: Reagent
  8. Function: Variance (Marcel Dettmann remix)
  9. Mike Parker : B2
  10. Ventress : Untitled B1
  11. Shifted : More Static
  12. Felix K: Stone Edge
  13. Ben Klock: Subzero (Sandwell District remix)
  14. Plastikman: Psyk