We are glad to have the Swedish producer and DJ Ntogn with us on this weeks podcast. As a bonus, we did some questions. So play some music, and read some good shit.


Who you look up to?

I look up to creative, independent and forgiving people. Those who let their passions guide their life and shine on those who dare not.

Why techno?

I think it is because of the ritualistic elements in it. It is hard, repetitive and thus also a powerful tool for trance and to me it has become some sort of modern electronic shamanism. It is serious. It speaks and bends the mind.

What is a good techno party for you?


How is your playing style?

I think my way of performing may rise some controversy among some colleagues as I prepare my sets for days. Sometimes a full week! People keep talking about feeling the vibe and choosing your tracks on the spot (which of course can be good!). But I believe in Creating a vibe and an optimal musical experience. So I choose my tracks with a lot of care and try to make it as pleasant and coherent a journey as possible. I like ranging my sets from deep to hard, dark to light and back and pick up the pace from maybe 100-110 bpm to end it in a ecstatic 135-140 beats per minute. Yin & Yang. This is an amazing experience, for me at least! Hehe.
More technically I use Ableton Live for flexibility, controlled with a Ableton Push and a Allen & Heath Xone:K2 MIDI-controller. It takes a lot more preparation, but when you have everything laid out it is great! You can throw in compressors, all sorts of VST’s and whatever you want on the fly and prepare loops so you can switch kicks, percussions, FX and do this kind of semi-Live thing. Truly awesome!

How did you fall in love with the genre?

It has grown since I started to DJ about seven years ago. Since then I have been listening to electronic music constantly and my taste has evolved. Today I indulge myself in deep, dark, atmospheric, hypnotic, pshychedelic, ritualistic and intelligent sounding techno. Which will be the foundation of the label I will be launching sometime next year: Hypnus.

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