K² is a music addict and 1990’s rave scene survivor from Oslo who occasionally DJ’s. A vinyl freak for over two decades, his ever-growing record collection includes a little bit of everything – from ambient to deep house, acid and hardcore. And techno – lots of it.

This mix explores the deep, driving, hypnotic side of his favourite genre, where current  “drone techno” stalwarts such as Milton Bradley and Giorgio Gigli nestle snugly alongside oldschool heroes like Orlando Voorn and Robert Leiner. One of the intentions was to bridge the past and the present: The oldest track is from 1992, the newest is from this year.

K²’s favourite track of all time is “Elektra” by The Source Experience. The first record he bought was a Knutsen & Ludvigsen LP (apologies to non-Norwegians). He’s written a few hundred record reviews and compiled a techno CD with some friends to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Oslo’s oldest squat (Blitz) .
He gets misty-eyed at the sight of abandoned warehouses and disused industrial sites. His motto is borrowed from Max Duley and goes like this: “Raving is a way of life. In fact, I’m raving right now. I’m going to bed soon and I’m gonna rave there too.” If you like this mix, you may buy him a beer. Or a copy of “Uncharted”.



  1. Oz Artists – Art Of Wrestling (Thule)
  2. Aubrey – Digital Wave (Textures)
  3. Pure Science – Cool Shak (Re-Hab)
  4. Plantastik – Tardis (Kickin’)
  5. Defence – Travelling Through The Speed Of Music (Night Vision)
  6. Mengz – Mengz Hauz (Listen Twice)
  7. Alien Rain – Alienated 1B (Alien Rain)
  8. Minilogue – Clouds and Water (Rrose Remix) (Enemy)
  9. Night On Earth – My Brain (Brave New World)
  10. K.A.B. – Heat (Azurite)
  11. Baby Ford – Dead Eye (ifach)
  12. Giorgio Gigli – Hidden in the Darkness (Zooloft)
  13. Claudio PRC – Oes (Prologue)
  14. Robert Leiner – Trance Antwerp Express (De:Tuned)
  15. Function – Descending (Sandwell District)
  16. Dino Sabatini & Giorgio Gigli – Proteus (Outis Music)
  17. Abdulla Rashim – Endasilasie 3 (Abdulla Rashim Music)
  18. Alexx Aiyax / Marcus Füreder ‎- Hamunaptra (Bushido)
  19. Petar Dundov – Running Man (Music Man)
  20. NX1 – NX1 Version (Informa)
  21. Random XS – Fading Away (Djax-Up Beats)
  22. Rrose – Waterfall (Lucy Remix) (Eaux)
  23. Iesope Drift – Korot (Seico Corp)
  24. Inigo Kennedy – Accordion (Token)