We are honored to celebrate our tenth episode with a mix from Adriano Giliberti, better known as Darkcell. Besides being a sound engineer for some time, Darkcell’s analog concept is based on instinctive use of machines to produce. He is fascinated with the interaction between man and machine, something you might witness in this episode if you listen carefully enough.

Darkcell is also the record label owner of Fluxus Rec which he founded in 2011. With releases by himself, Myk Derill and Mary Velo just to name a few, the discography on this Italian based label contains productions by artists that have a “no compromise” approach to techno music. In our opinion this is how the art form is best preserved.


  1. Machinefabriek – Instuif
  2. Wagner – Vorspiel
  3. Wolfgang Voigt – Rückverzauberung 6.3 [Magazine]
  4. Ryoji ikeda – Barbican
  5. Untold – Little Things Like That [Clone Basement Series]
  6. Deepbass – B1 [Informa Experiments 001]
  7. RadioTransmission – Study [Involve 003]
  8. Ness – A1 [Informa Experiments 001]
  9. Couch Lock – Allure [Jonas Kopp Remix]
  10. NX1 – B2 [Informa Experiments 001]
  11. Unam Zetineb – Returned [Fluxus records]
  12. NIL – Blink [Ryuji Takeuchi]
  13. Couch Lock – Allure
  14. Unam Zetineb – Signal [Fluxus records]
  15. Geeeman – Bangt
  16. Jeroen Search – A1 [Informa Experiments 001]
  17. Darkcell – Servants [C.R.S]
  18. Kassem Mosse – 578