We are exited to present this episode of Monument, featuring: Energun Techno Life Project, coming from the Republic of Belarus, Minsk. The recording is from a live performance done by Energun (duo) celebrating two years Energun Records August 10, 2013.

This live-act includes all the latest tracks written by the project over the past few months. Many of these tracks are not yet released. As he told us, “half of the tracks do not even have names just numbers”.


In this unique set, he uses analog and software synthesizers. For recording and performing – Ableton, Vestax VCM-600, Korg MicroKontrol, Es-1.

The project itself consists of Denis who has been producing techno for the last decade. After a short break he returned to his real techno sound and in 2011 launched his own label. The project immediately won the support from some of the most prominent artist in the techno scene. This year he has already released more than 20 releases with their techno experiments.