In collaboration with Oslated’s sub-label Huinali Recordings, we present a new, remix track from The Vision Reels’ upcoming Aconites EP. It consists of two original compositions supplemented by various artists’ remixes and made in parallel with the Collective Vision EP. As for the premiering Aconites (Owl Submergence), it’s basically a creation that pays tribute to the beauty of nature using a range of field recordings. We let ourselves immerse in its pure, aetheric ambience, putting our psyche on a calming, slow drone cloud only to get lost in a misty forest surrounded by chirping birds. A percussion gradience is guiding our path in this dreamscape, and layer over layer we experience an unexpected yet welcoming stay in a magical, primordial place. Delicate and deeply atmospheric, this track is a spell of clarity inviting us closer to our -possibly long forgotten- organic being.

Release Q&A

How did you start envisioning the Aconites release and what was the process until the final result?

Adam O’Hara (The Vision Reels): Aconites EP was made at the same time as my Collective Vision EP (Re:st). Experimenting with live set ups, I wanted to make stuff that had space and a lot of room and something where the textures take the main role in the tracks and everything else is secondary. This was the main rule in the entire process.

What are you exploring musically and aesthetically through it?

Adam: Musically this EP is all about space and texture. It was more about experimenting and learning rather than a planned out record. Aesthetically, the idea behind it was to make something with a nice balance between light and dark feelings and emotions. However, I don’t like to talk about the concept much. I want people to make up their own minds about the music, without any preconceptions or anything that might shade it in the wrong light.

In terms of production, where does this release lead you?

Adam: Production wise the two original tracks came from experimenting with potential live sets using a sampler, analog synths and digital fx. I took my favourite parts from some of these sessions and processed them further in Ableton. Then, I made alternative versions of both tracks.

The track Aconites (Owl Submergence) we’re premiering has a sound really close to nature. Can you tell us how it took form in your mind and in composition and, perhaps, about its inspiration?

Adam: I can’t answer for Pierre, but the original has a close connection to nature and obviously flowers. It also has field recordings from the South West Countryside (UK) and also from the city (London). So, it has a nice balance of nature and the city in the recordings. Pierre’s (Owl) remix is a beautiful take on it and I am really grateful for it.

Pierre Nesi (Owl): Adam is a friend and an artist who particularly inspires me. He asked me some time ago to do a remix of one of these tracks and after listening to Aconites, I was immediately catched. I wanted to give my interpretation while keeping the basic universe, because it is mainly this hovering and mysterious atmosphere that inspired me. For the composition everything came very quickly, I wanted to keep this progression and structure. I first listened to the track while walking in nature to record new fields. Then I kept the elements that interested me, made some layers, and composed a new line of percussion. Afterwards, I left the magic of the moment operating.

What makes you feel satisfied and proud of this release?

Adam: I personally love every part of Aconites. But I’m most proud and thankful for all the wonderful remixes by close friends and producers I admire.

The album is available for purchase in digital format on Bandcamp.